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    Diy Nail Polish Painted Champagne Flutes


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    Making your own nail polish is a fun and easy DIY project. It’s also a really awesome party idea; last May I threw a nail polish party for a few of my friends and it was a blast. Check it out here. If you’re looking for another party activity, you can use your nail polish as paint! The Bramble Berry team and I recently created these painted champagne flutes for New Years and Valentine’s Day using homemade nail polish. It was a fun and super simple crafting session. This project can also be done with nail polish you already own.

    To make these glasses, I used Q-tips to apply the nail polish directly to the glasses. Once they are painted and dried, I recommend hand washing them. I wouldn’t recommend placing these glasses in the dishwasher. The heat from the dishwasher may cause the paint to come off. We didn’t use a sealing spray, but you can if you like. I also recommend keeping the nail polish and the sealant spray toward the bottom of the glasses if you plan to drink from them. If they are just for decoration, feel free to decorate to the brim!If you’ve never made nail polish before, it’s incredibly easy. Simply fill the bottle with the mica of your choice, then fill the bottle with Suspending Nail Polish Base. Shake until the colorant and nail polish base are completely mixed together. Then, it’s time to get painting! To see the process in action, check out this Soap Queen TV video.


    Diy Nail Polish Painted Champagne Flutes

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